Our responsibilities are getting importance to save environment, to leave a clean world for new generations. Concrete recycling systems provides you re-using concretes accordingly you can separate the wastes components like aggregates, sand, and water to re-use them in the production.
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Why Concrete Recycling?

Turnkey consultancy and engineering revision for complete projects with scope of services:

  • It helps to save energy
  • Low consumption of wash water
  • Non-stick Sint engineering polymer components resistant to abrasion
  • Perfect aggregate washing
  • High efficiency in solid-liquid separation thanks to large water volume in the version with screw
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Specification Value
Capacity Discharging of 1 Vehicle Capacity
Recycling Capacity 15 m³/h
Loading Hopper Dimension 1670 mm
Height of Loading 2032 mm
Height of Discharge 5000 with hopper
Length of Separator screw conveyor 5.5 kW
Screw Conveyor Motor Gear-Box Power 2.2 kW
Screw Conveyor Washing Pump Power Height 10 m, 37 m³/h
Recycling Pump Power 7.5 kW
Recycling Pump Capacity Height 30 m, 30 m³/h
Agitator Power 5.5 kW
Agitator Speed 52 rpm
Agitator Speed 1.2 m
Submersible Pump Maintenance Reel Capacity 1000 Kg
Flowing Pipe for Recycling Water AVAILABLE
Discharge Channel AVAILABLE
Intake Reservoir AVAILABLE
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