A filter bag is filtration technology for filtering dust in a baghouse. It separates dust, harmful substances and also products from gas flows. Filter bags consist of needle felt or fabrics made of synthetic fibers. The needle felt is optimally adjusted for the application case at hand. The internal support fabric gives the filter bag additional strength that makes both frequent bag cleaning and a long service life possible.
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Pulse Jet Filter Bag

Filter bag designs at glance:
  • Sturdy filter bag head: featuring snap ring, cord, ring or cut edge head design: separate or integrated top, head mounting piece with reinforcements and grounding wire
  • Hose designed for improved stability, with stiffening rings for cageless constructions
  • High quality seam designed for lowest emissions: Sewn, welded, with additional PTFE seam seal
  • Floor construction for mechanical robustness and extended service life: With reinforced floor covering, double-layered bottom
Scrim and fibre types Continuous operating temp* max. AKM Designation
Polypropylene 90°C / (95°C) PP
Polyamide 110°C / (115°C) PA
Polyarcylonitrille copolymer 115°C / (120°C) AC
Temperature-resistant olefin 125°C / (135°C) RO
Polyarcylonitrille homopolymer 125°C / (140°C) DT
Polyester 150°C / (150°C) PE
Polyphenylene sulphide 190°C / (200°C) PPS
m-Aramide 200°C / (220°C) NO, NX
Polyimide 240°C / (260°C) PI
Premium Fibre Blend 240°C / (260°C) PFB
Polytetrafluoroethylene 250°C / (280°C) PTFE, (TFL)
Fibreglass fabric 260°C / (288°C) GL
Candle elements biodegradable fibres as stipulated by EU standard Q67/69/EC 850°C / (1.000°C) Pyrotex® KE/pYROTEX® KE KAT
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Reverse Air Filter Bags

Reverse air filter bags are suspended from the filter housing at the closed top end and fastened to the head plate at their open bottom end.

  • Large filter bag dimensions (diameter up to 300 mm, length up to 12,000 mm)
  • Basis weight is usually between 400 – 450 g/m²
  • For high exhaust gas volumes
  • Quasi-continuous operation

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters are large Diameter (>8” OD) that are used to clean air stream with low to moderate grain loading, while minimizing the footprint of the Dust Collector. The Cartridge Filter has a high cloth area relative to the filter’s height due to the pleated filtration media. The Cartridge Filter can be used in gas stream up to moderator temperature, depending on the filtration media and potting compound used to retain the pleats’ structure.


Supporting cages and filter bags work together in the baghouse, with their interaction determining the efficiency of the baghouse and the service life of the filter bag. The filter bag and supporting cage must be optimally matched to each other to ensure a perfectly functioning baghouse. AKMARTI also supplies customers with matching supporting cages for all ready-made filter bags.

Supporting cages are available in the following shapes and materials:

  • Round or star-shaped for filter bags
  • Flat for flat bags or filter bags
  • Oval for oval filter bags
  • Rectangular for filter bags
  • Steel or stainless steel
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