We provide overhead travelling cranes in accordance with FEM norms with the world’s leading production technology. Our company uses standard products in its product range, provides special solutions to its customers and also provides a maximum return on investment.

Single Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes


Double Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes


Telescopic Cranes

Our single and double girder overhead travelling cranes that can be used in all kinds of industrial sectors; seamlessly fulfill its task in the process by operator controlled basis (standard double speed phase) for all motions. We have overhead travelling cranes between 1-50 ton as standard and, over 50 ton according to customer request. It is the ideal solution for heavy use conditions with high efficiency lifting capacities with the most silent and effective motion systems.

  • All the travelling system are inverter-controlled and at a standard dual-stage.
  • Provides minimum investment requirement for the maximum place saving.
  • Provides safe usage for lifting/lowering and travelling with limit sensors.
  • Upon request, the crane can be produced with the operator cabin
  • They can be produced in the structure of single and double girder bridge.
  • The double girder cranes have a service platform. Single girder cranes have lightweight construction opportunity.
  • If the most part of the load to be lifted in double girder crane systems is less than the main lifting capacity, a faster auxiliary hoisting unit can be added on the same car.

Gantry Cranes

26 4 1600x1001Gantry cranes are generally used in open areas, where a closed area is not needed, and can also be used indoors. The design,engineering, manufacturing and all kinds of technical service of the gantry Crane, which can be used in shipyards, rolling mills, enterprises serving the iron and steel industry, stock areas, marble shops, industrial facilities in machinery manufacturing, and any business that needs to lift loads, is our job.

We can provide three types of gantry Crane models as Single Girder, Double Girder and Semi-Gantry as right /left protruding or non-protruding (overhang) in accordance with the criteria such asDIN norms and FEM standards with advanced production technologies. Our gantry crane production is between 2-200 tons.


Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are utilised for lifting and moving goods, from a fixed point with an particular scale around. Jib cranes can be mounted on wall columns or ground according to its structure and operating conditions. The rotational movement of 360 ° rotating jib cranes, can be provided by motor or manually. Rope hoist or chain hoist can be preferred in hoisting units of these cranes. Jib cranes are being manufactured as standard between 250 kg – 10 tons.

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