These units are the result of Italian manufacturer’s considerable experience in the field of industrial suction systems and the construction of vacuum pumps.

They can be used in any environment where cleaning or the transport of considerable quantities of dusty, granular, liquid or muddy material in incorporated containers or in silos or forkable pre-separators of 1 or more m3 is required

27 2
S5 S8 S8-40 S10 S10-45 S20 S30
Electrical Power kW 15 22 30 37 45 55 90
Diesel Power kW - 32,5 44 66 - 97 127
Air Flow m3/h 800 1300 1300 2000 2200 3200 4000
Vacuum max DaPa 27000 120000 120000 160000 160000 260000 260000
Main Filter cm2 17400 18000 18000 95000 95000 130000 130000
Safety Filter cm2 17400 18000 18000 95000 95000 130000 130000

Truck Mounted Vacuum Cleaner

Advantages The creation of a centralised suction system certainly has many advantages:
  • Recovering materials within the production cycle.
  • Transferring the materials to a predefined collection point to then dispose of them in Big Bags or put them back into the production cycle.
  • Keeping the production lines clean and efficient, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • Improving the quality of the environment in your company.
  • Improving the safety of the work environment, reducing the risk of accidents
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Powerful, compact suction systems which, used with our filter hoppers, create high performance centralised systems, even with extensive piping. They can be
used in all industrial fields.

27 3
Vacuum max 5000 DaPa 8000
Air flow 1100 m3/h 2130 m3/h
Electrical Power 18,5 kW 45 kW
Diesel Power 23,2 kW 55,4 kW
Pump three lobe pump 950 lt.
Container 500 lt. DN 300
Bottom flange DN 300 100/120 DNi
Flex hose 80/100 DNi 80/100 DNi
Pocket main filter 72000 cm2 162000 cm2
Safety filter 18000 cm2 95000 cm2
Dimensions mm 3396x1850x2258 H 4455x2160x2310 H
Diesel Weight 1980 Kg 3420 Kg
Electrical Weight 1650 Kg 2930 Kg
We provide overhead travelling cranes in accordance with FEM norms with the world’s leading production technology. Our company uses standard products in its product range, provides special solutions to its customers and also provides a maximum return on investment.
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Truck Mounted Vacuum Cleaner

We offer containers of various types holding from 3 to 12m³ fitted with a highly efficient cyclone or filter positioned internally: in special cases both these solutions can be adopted at the same time

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Road Sweepers

1-Truck Mounted Vacuum Road Sweepers
Tank Volume 7-8 m3
Water Tank Volume 1700 Liters
27 5

Road Sweepers

2-Compact Type Vacuum Road Sweepers
Wander Hose 5 m (nominal)
Steering Wheel Hydraulic
Heater Tilting Cabin
Cabin Roof Ventilation Camera Monitor System
Adjustable Hydraulic Steering Wheel Unit Ergonomic Seat
Independent Suspension System Vehicle Front Lifting System
Powerful Vacuum System Discharging Ability Into Garbage Container or Garbage Collecting Truck
3rd brush – Optional Disc Brake
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