We are a manufacturer of wood products in our factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our main products are as follows.

  • White Wood products from the raw material depend on your request
  • Spruce Wood.
  • Pinewood
  • Fir Wood

Our Common sizes as follow

1- Our Common sizes as follow

a. 100mm*100mm * 4m/3m
b. 90mm* 90mm * 4m/3m
c. 80mm* 80mm * 4m/3m
d. 60mm* 60mm * 4m/3m
e. 50mm* 150-300mm * 4m/3m
f. 40mm* 80mm * 4m/3m
g. 40mm* 150-300mm * 4m/3m
h. 38 mm* 38mm * 4m/3m
i. 42mm* 42mm/60mm/75mm/100mm* 1/2/3/4 m

1- Sheets (DASKA-Blanks) Metric sizes

a. 18mm* 75/ 80/100mm 4m/3m /*2m
b. 20mm* 80/90/100mm 4m/3m /*2m
c. 22mm* 80/100mm 4m/3m /*2m
d. 24mm* 80/100mm 4m/3m /*2m

1- Blocks (Gerda –Squares –) English sizes

a. 4in*4in * 4m/3m
b. 3in*3in * 4m/3m
c. 2in*2in * 4m/3m
d. 2in*4in * 4m/3m

1- Api 10A Oil Well Cement

a. 1in* 3in/4in* 4m/3m /*2m

Beech Wood products from the raw material depend on your request: Bosnian beech lumber.
All operations of production and storing in its factory which located at Sarajevo Shipping and transporting to any place in the world. Manufacturing according to a variety of custom sizes and dimensions.

Color: Reddish yellow and after evaporation turns red.
Quantity: Per cubic meter. Quality: A | B | C | D.

            Length: -LONG 2100++ MM
-SHORT 1000MM-2000MM
            Width: 10 cm +
            Thickness: 25 / 32 / 38 / 50 / 60 / 80 mm

Humidity : -Air-dried up to 20% &
-KD -Steamed in the oven 10 –14%

Firwood for Heating and Picnic

  • Firewood has two categories: hardwood and softwood
  • Beech Wood, OAK,
  • Soft wood
  • PINE, Fir
  • We are specialized to export Firwood for the Gulf area specially in Kuwait and UAE and Saudi
  • Our Material is very good quality which is dried, perform good quality without any smoke and long life

Wood Pellet for Heating


Type of wood : 100% Beech
Grade : A1, Royal
Diameter : 6 ±1mm
Ash content : 0.5% -0,7%
Caloric value : 5.2-5,3kWh/kg
Humidity : < 6-7%
Length : 3,15 -40mm
Available packages : 15 kg

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