Kraft Paper Bags

AKMARTI is supplying kraft paper bags made from 100% virgin Kraft paper. We have capacity to supply annually more than 100 million bags serving different sectors of Cement Industry, Lime, Ready Mix Powder, Construction Additives, Food Industry, Flour/Milk Powder, Animal Feed / Pet Food, Seed, Compost…
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Cement Sector

Kraft paper sacks are easily used with automatic filling machines. As it is an environment friendly packaging material, the construction sites can be kept clean and free from dust. Additionally, the sacks can be designed by using impressive colours and can have multigraphics printings in order to be more attractive in the stores and hardware shops.
  • White cement
  • Portland cement
  • Blended cement
  • Sulphate resisting cement
  • Mortar cement

For white cement, Portland cement and their derivatives and for similar products, it is recommended to use 20 to 50 kg hexagonal bottom valved sacks.

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Lime Sector

Allows automatic filling and serial use at the worksite, facilitates handling. The lime content inside these sacks do not get adversely affected or spoiled because of the kraft paper sacks on the contrary. It creates difference in retail sector with its printing quality. Prevents pollution at the worksite due to its environment-friendly nature.
  • Hydrated lime
  • Industrial lime
  • Agricultural lime
  • Whitewash lime
  • Plaster
  • Satin plaster
  • Satin finish plaster
  • Metallurgy

Nearly for every type of industrial lime, and similar products, it is recommended to use 10-25 kg cross hexagonal bottom valved sacks.

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Kraft sacks can be used quickly in the construction sites and can be stowed easily without any slip problem. HDPE film or PE coated paper plies are preferred for moisture sensitive products.
  • Tiling adhesive
  • Tiling cement
  • Joint filler materials/li>
  • Masonry mortar
  • Refractory mortar
  • Thermal-insulation plaster
  • Brick/masonry mortar
  • Styrofoam adhesive
  • Jamb adhesive
  • Thermal-insulation adhesive
  • Thermal-insulation plaster
  • Decorative coating
  • Ready floor allum

For ceramic adhesives, building mortars, refractories, adhesives, polishing materials and similar products, it is recommended to use 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 kg hexagonal bottom valved sacks or hexagonal bottom open-mouth sacks.

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Chemicals / Mining

Kraft paper sacks protect the powder or granule type of material which are filled in the sack, from humidity and leakage.
Any type of health and safety conditions and signs can be printed on the sack clearly. If required, by using water-soluble Kraft paper the hazardous materials can be used without touching. Hazardous chemicals can be transported safely in multiwall Kraft paper sack with 50-100 micron Polyethylene tube inside.
  • PE Granuls
  • PVC Granuls
  • Resins
  • Plymers
  • Carbon Black
  • Pigments
  • Calcite, micronized
  • Calcite, coated
  • PCC
  • Talk
  • Bentonite
  • Kaolin

For ceramic adhesives, building mortars, refractories, adhesives, polishing materials and similar products, it is recommended to use 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 kg hexagonal bottom valved sacks or hexagonal bottom open-mouth sacks.

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Food Sector

Packing the food materials with kraft paper enables the producer and the end user to preserve it for a long time without spoiling. It remains hygienic and do not contact with dust, dirt and etc. and ensures the material stay appropriate for the human health for a long period.
The inks used in the printings of human food packaging are water based and it has an important contribution for the presence of the product in the market. The Kraft paper itself breaths and because of this characteristics products are protected from humidity, insects and spoiling.
  • Flour
  • Starch
  • Pulses
  • Popcorn
  • Bread additives
  • Sunflower mix
  • Rye mix
  • Hazelnut – peanut
  • Cacao powder
  • Milk powder
  • Whey powder
  • Frozen food
  • Spices
  • Thyme
  • Coffee
  • Poppy
  • Sugar
  • Rice

For the packing of food materials such as starch, flour, bread additives, cacao powder, whey powder, milk powder, frozen food, spices, popcorn, seeds, feeds, coffee, sugar and similar goods 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg Valved sacks, Open Mouth-hexagonal bottom, Open mouth sewn sacks with or without handle and sacks with standard, external-tubular valves are recommended.

We have been certified by
Production Certificate for Materials Directly contacting with Food,
Registration Certificate for Materials Directly contacting with Food,
Manufacture Compliance Certificate.


PP Bags

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of PP woven bags to best suit the application with latest technology.

PP Bags

PP woven bags have the advantages of lighter weight, cost effective, breathable, higher strength, better corrosion resistance, tear resistance and easy to customize.

Top finish
Heat cut, zig zag cut, cold cut, over lock seam

Single folded single sewn, single folded double sewn, double folded single sewn, double folded double sewn Polyethylene inner bag Free inserted, sewn with base seam, sewn with top seam, cuffed at top

Tubular, lay flat width: 40 cm to 80 cm, weight: 60 gr/m2 to 150 gr/m2

Fabric options
Coated, transparent, coloured, gusseted

Tie string, draw string, document pocket glued to body

Up to four colors

bags big

Big Bag / Jumbo Bags

4 Loop Big Bags

Our 4 Loop big bag types are in the range of 100 – 2500 kg and designed for
hot/cold filling of liquid, semi-solid and solid phase products. Barrier Liners can be used depending on the characteristics of the filled product, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, PA, Aluminium, EVOH

Q Big bags

Q Big bags provides you minimum space loss in storage due to its stable, upright
structure. Up to 20% more volume when filling. A strong, durable and particle-free clear intermediate panel type suitable for clean room. Production, prepared in line with the needs of the Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical industry.

Jumbo Big Bags

Jumbo big bags gain the place lost with standard big bags in transportation by using optimum pallet footprint, maximizing volume and providing cost advantage to both the buyer and the seller.

With its double-layered structure and optional waterproof three-layer model, it does not lose its form even in long and difficult transportation conditions, effectively filling every corner with the product gives confidence to its users and provides a cost advantage.

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Ventilated Big Bags

Big bag type which assure that the products picked in their natural environment will keep their freshness and have a long shelf life. As the ventilated parts on the body permit constant air circulation the filled product does not rot and depreciate due to lack of air.

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Antistatic Big Bags

FIBC – Type A
Standard big bag- No static protection

FIBC – Type B
Standart big bag- Big bag type produced with special fabric with low tension value.

FIBC- Type C
Conductive big bag- Big bag manufactured with a body fabric woven with conductive yarn in uninterrupted contact with each other and with a surface tension lower than 10^7 Ohm’ and therefore designed to ground the energy safely.

FIBC – Type D
Chromiq big bag- Big bag which diffuses the energy that occurs during filling or discharging safely to the atmosphere. Type D big bags do not need grounding unit to operate and are designed to reduce the serious risks that the operator’s negligence of grounding or misapplication may cause to zero.

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UN Big Bags

In order to assure that the UN classified goods are safely transported and stored, we subject our UN Bags to related tests and provide our customers with certificates given by independent international test houses.

Un big bags are classified as
13H1 – uncoated woven plastics- no liner
13H2 – coated woven plastics- no liner
13H3 – uncoated woven plastics- with liner
13H4 – coated woven plastics- with liner

These 4 classes are grouped under 3 different categories:

Danger Level Packaging Group UN Symbol Max. Volume
High I X 1.5 m³
Medium II Y 3.0 m³
Low III Z 3.0 m³

Tote – Super Sack – Jumbo Sack – Big bag

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8 8

1 & 2 Loop Big bags

Cost-benefit wise 1&2 Loop big bags are the most advantageous big bag types. While the simpleconstruction facilitates the usage, various fabric widths permit a wide volume range. Its unique design provides the maximum loading capacity at a minimal cost and consequently assures advantages in freight cost as well. This type can be designed both for non-hazardous goods described in EN ISO21898 and hazardous goods classified as UN.

Depending on the handling process, the big bag can be manufactured either with 1 or 2 lifting loops,with coated or uncoated fabric and with or without liner. The liners can be attached to the outer body in different ways depending on the requirements

Some advantages:

  • Printing options up to 7 colours
  • PE liner design with an air release channel appropriate for pressurized and rapid filling
  • Special designs appropriate for automatical filling machines (Bags on roll)
  • Production with 100% waterproof liners
  • Big bags with PP liners which allow easy recycling

Construction Options:

  • Open top, inner liner
  • Op panel with filling spout
  • Filling spout sewn to the slit
  • Star base
  • Single base
  • Square or rectangular base
  • Square or rectangular base with a discharge spout
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